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Python Programming for Structural Bioinformatics - Intermediate level

This course is designed for those who already have basic knowledge in Python programming and would like to advance their skills to include object oriented (OO) and graphical user interface (GUI) programming using realistic examples from structural biology. Using lectures, live demonstrations and a lot of exercises the participants will learn how to apply the knowledge in practice.

Object oriented programming

Python can be used in the form of simple scripts, using classical ways of programming based mainly on functions, with loops, conditionals etcetera (structural or functional programming). This “classical” programming is very useful for simple applications, as it is fast to develop. The real power of scripting or programming is however unleashed with the use of object oriented programming. Using object oriented programming is critical when dealing with more complicated or larger applications and situations. Many of the existing scientific and general purpose libraries are written using this OO paradigm, and to manipulate them you need to learn some of the basic concepts. Once you have mastered OO, you can start using graphical user interface and plotting libraries to make your programs more usable and esthetically attractive i.e. you can build your own graphical applications In this course you will learn all the basics about OO programming, and built your own structural biology GUI application.

The course includes the following main topics:

  • Classes, objects and methods
  • GUI programming - PySide
  • Plotting


Vilnius, Lithuania

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