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International EU-IndiaGrid2 Material Science, Climate Change & Interoperability Workshop


WeNMR project is represented at the International EU-IndiaGrid2 Material Science, Climate Change & Interoperability Workshop held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, the December 13-16, 2010.

Jointly organized by the EU-IndiaGrid2 project, this workshop introduces the EU-IndiaGrid computing environment and will address to the user community in the field of Material Science and Climate Change research.

The workshop presents a computational grid infrastructure completed with scientific tools that would enable researchers from both the scientific area involved to easily carry out simulations using various models either as a stand-alone or in combination.

A specific session is dedicated on NMR techniques for Material Science and Life Science, with presentations from WeNMR, from the NMR group of TIFR, Mumbai and from the NMR Research Centre, IISc Bangalore.


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And the following article describing the WeNMR portals should be cited:
Wassenaar et al. (2012). WeNMR: Structural Biology on the Grid.J. Grid. Comp., 10:743-767.


The WeNMR Virtual Research Community has been the first to be officially recognized by the EGI.

European Union

WeNMR is an e-Infrastructure project funded under the 7th framework of the EU. Contract no. 261572

WestLife, the follow up project of WeNMR is a Virtual Research Environment e-Infrastructure project funded under Horizon 2020. Contract no. 675858