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Xplor-NIH Issues

Regarding job submission

Dear Xplor NIH team
I would like to run XPLOR NIH by using sequence file , dihedral angle file , NOE.TBL and RDC constraints  file. Before that I want check the run with example files which you given

( http://tintin.science.uu.nl/wenmr/xplor-nih-use-case-user-interface ) .

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Xplor-NIH UI access - parallel runs

Hoi WeNMR team,


I am interested in accessing Xplor-NIH deployed by WeNMR through the UI to costumize my runs.

Does anyone tested to run this application in your VRC resources with more than 1 CPU?

If yes, is there example scripts for me to speed up my work in not having to test this feature myself.


Thank you.



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a problem when submiting files


After I submit my input files, it always shows like this:

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Wassenaar et al. (2012). WeNMR: Structural Biology on the Grid.J. Grid. Comp., 10:743-767.


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