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locating the chosen pdb models within the tgz file



I have ran HADDOCK and I received the webpage with the best clusters (including the pdb files). 

I have also downloaded the full tgz dataset resulting from the run. I was trying to locate the pdb files belonging to the best clusters within that dataset, but I could not find them. I was searching in structures/t1. This folder contains 200 pdb models, but none of them matched the pdb files mentioned in the clusters shown on the results webpage.

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Definition of the interface-ligand RMSD

I was wondering how the interface-ligand RMSD used for the clustering of the water-refined models is defined.

The web server tutorial defines both the interface RMSD and the ligand RMSD (see below), but does not specify how the combination of both is calculated.

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Normalized HADDOCK score

I was wondering whether the HADDOCK score is comparable over multiple runs using the same molecules but different active residues or whether it can only be used for comparing structures generated in a single run. Is it normalized over the amount of AIRs defined for the docking?

Thanks in advance!

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How to name DNA/RNA for HADDOCK

The HADDOCK Webserver could only identify three-letter DNA/RNA name in a pdb file.

How to change the name? Thanks.

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HADDOCK2.2 fails with a %ATMCHK-ERR error in the simulated annealing stage of the docking

Dear HADDOCK team,

How to solve this problem?

I am trying to model a protein-DNA complex by docking. I am using the Expert interface of the HADDOCK2.2 web server. During the the simulated annealing stage HADDOCK2.2 fails with an error message from CNS as follows:

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Error supplied an unknown user name

Dear HADDOCK team,

recently i submitted for a HADDOCK account and today i got my username along with a password. As i wanted to run HADDOCK with my username jonathankordon the error "supplied an unknown user name" appeared. Thanks in advance.




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Haddock run on UBUNTU apparently stuck (finished?) AND error in hydrophobic contact analysis

Dear members,

I am trying to test run haddock2.2 on UBUNTU using the /examples/protein-protein data.

1. After some tinkering, the program apparently executed properly but seems to be stuck now apparently in the 'analysis' (the analysis directory is present in /it1 and /it1/water).

2. An additional concern is that while execution, the program reports a syntax error in a count_hbonds.awk file and and error in hydrophobic contact analysis. 

3. What does the prompt "[1]  + Killed" mean?

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Stuck in semi-flexible refiment (it1)

Dear Haddock team,

I have a problem in it1, but the previous iteration (rigid body), it0, seems ok.

I have posted the haddock output, and also the files used to generate the run.

Xiong An


#### Haddock2.2 OUTPUT Iteration1####

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HADDOCK 2.2 stuck in 'waiting for psf files ...'

Dear members,

I recently installed HADDOCK 2.2 on mac osx (Yosemite) as well as UBUNTU. I am trying to go through the 'protein-protein' docking  example on both machines. The program seems to be stuck in 'waiting for psf files ...' Below is the execution log of run1. Any help in this would be appreciated.


% haddock2.2

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Dear HADDOCK-Team,

I am very thankful for your website. It is such a great help.

Recently - a week ago to be more precise - I have submitted 2 proteins for a docking run.

A day later, the run has started. Unfortunately, every time, ever since, that I check the status of my run, I have the feeling that it is not progressing anymore. Is it possible that the run has crashed? Should I resubmit it? 

I may just be too impatient. In such a case, sorry for any inconvenience.

Many thanks in advance for your reply!

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