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Getting started with TALOS+

TALOS+, like its predecessor TALOS, is a program to predict torsion angles for amino acids given information regarding chemical shift and the probable regions in the Ramachandran plot for each type of amino acid. TALOS+ distinguishes itself by the inclusion of a neural network component, the output of which is added as an empirical term in the conventional TALOS data base search. To prevent assignment of torsion angles to the backbone of flexible regions, TALOS+ first identifies such regions using the flexibility prediction program RCI developed by Berjanskii and Wishart.

The TALOS+ portal offers a simple interface where an input file in either TALOS or BMRB format can be uploaded. In addition a number of PDB ID codes can be given, indicating structures that should be excluded from the calculations. Unlike most of the other portals, the TALOS+ portal can be used without a Grid certificate, as the calculations are run on a local server.


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