The FANDAS web server
The FANDAS (Fast Analysis of multidimensional NMR DAta sets) program generates chemical shift predictions for a range of 2D and 3D solid-state NMR experiments. As these predictions are always based on an amino acid sequence, the program is restricted to protein/peptide samples. However, it is possible to incorporate additional data information like experimental NMR chemical shift assignments, in-silico data produced by computational procedures (e.g. ShiftX) or different labeling schemes. The final output file can be read in as a peak list the Sparky software.
  • The use of the FANDAS web server is free of charge for academic users, scroll down for more information
The FANDAS server interfaces
Bug reporting and version history
Although the server has been tested extensively there is always a possibility that you run into a bug. In case this happens the server will either report the error on the results page of your run or it will be reported in on of the log files in the tar zipped archive you can download. Please report the error any other question to us by mail
Release date What's new!
February 2012 Initial release of version 1.0 of the FANDAS web portal
Citing the FANDAS web portal
Usage of the FANDAS portal should be acknowledged in any publication:
  • S. Gradmann, C. Ader, I. Heinrich, D. Nand, M. Dittmann, A. Cukkemane, M. van Dijk, A.M.J.J. Bonvin, M. Engelhard and M. Baldus "Rapid Prediction of multi-dimensional NMR data sets." J. Biomol. NMR, 54, 377-387 (2012).